The OCD & Anxiety Podcast

Episode 3 - Interview with Nick Thomson - The writer of the new short film about OCD - For Want Of A Nail

March 12, 2020

In todays episode Nick and I discuss the new short film about OCD - For Want Of A Nail. We discuss how Marty (the protagonist), deals with his OCD and how overtime, if not deal with, compoulsions have a habit of becoming more complex and time consuming. We discuss the importance of keeping a sense of humour when dealing with anxiety issues and discuss the ider role of anxiety in helping or hindering people with OCD. Remember if you would like to get in touch and find out about my coaching you can contact me on Instagram @robertjamescoachinguk or you can check out my website:



Robert James Pizey (of Robert James Coaching) is not a medical professional and is also not providing therapy or medical treatment. Robert James Pizey recommends that anyone experiencing anxiety seek professional medical help straight away to get a medical opinion and rule out other conditions or illnesses. The comments and opinions as written here and that you listen to on this podcast are simply that and are not to be taken as professional medical opinions. Robert James Pizey provides coaching, education, accountability and peer support around Anxiety and OCD through his own personal experiences.

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